• From Humble Beginnings

    From Humble Beginnings

    Newly Weds Foods has become a global ingredients supplier to the food industry with manufacturing & Research & Development facilities across the globe.

  • Sprinkles


    Unique and interesting products provide flavour and visual impact when added to the surface of cooked products.

  • Seasoning Systems

    Seasoning Systems

    Seasoning systems combine functional technology with sensory properties for improved appearance, great taste and enticing aromas.

  • Marinades


    Carry flavour and functionally protective ingredients designed to increase product yield and ensure products retain flavour and juiciness after cooking.

  • JSBC


    Japanese Style Bread Crumb (JSBC) is produced through the combination of selected quality wheat flours with a specialized, innovative baking technology.

  • Batters


    Predominantly flour based, batters are hydrated with water prior to application and provide adhesion, texture, flavor and consumer appeal

  • Breaders


    Applied in a dry form, breadings combine crumb technology with flours and functional ingredients to provide an unlimited range of product coatings.

  • Sauces


    Available in either liquid or dry form, sauces add visual appeal, flavor and consumer convenience

  • Cures


    A blend of functional ingredients with or without nitrite combined with salt and water to create a brine for production of Hams, Bacons, Corned Beef and Poultry products.

Product Development

Our Technical centres in Sydney, Thailand and Philippines are staffed by experienced and talented Food Technologists, Chefs and Technical Specialists. These facilities are well equipped to enable us to replicate most factory processing conditions and reconstitution methods used by the end consumer.

Innovation and customization are key drivers in our business but understanding market trends and consumer behavior is equally important in delivering just the right product, at just the right time. Our marketing department provides updated market information to enable our Development Team to be ahead of the curve.

In addition to meeting current customer requirements and market conditions, regular internal and external “ideation sessions” ensure we are offering the most innovative concepts and ideas to our customers.