Japanese Style Bread Crumb

Japanese Style Bread Crumb

Japanese Style Bread Crumb (JSBC) is produced through the combination of selected quality wheat flours with a specialized, innovative baking technology.

Their unique slivered shape and open structure produces a delicate, crispy texture giving an eating quality unmatched by traditional breadcrumbs. The specialized baking process produces loaves that are free from crust, giving a uniform colored crumb. Compared to traditional breadcrumb, JSBC not only provide textural advantages but are more resilient to breakdown during processing. They also have a higher tolerance to browning during the frying process.

Variety of Colours

Variety of Colours including white, orange, yellow and gold in either natural or artificial colours.

Variety of Textures

Variety of Textures from light and crispy, to hard and crunchy.

Variety of Sizes

Fine crumbs of 1-2mm to coarse crumbs of 10-20mm in length.

Toasted Crumbs

Provide a range of colours and highlights in the end product. Their crispy texture makes them well suited to low-fat, oven products.

Fresh Crumbs

"Panko" provides an even higher quality alternative to JSBC and has very special eating characteristics. It is available in both milled and block form, either fresh or frozen

Crumb Blends

Combination of different crumbs with herbs, spices or other dry ingredients.


Croutons are available either plain, colored or seasoned as required.

Cracker Crumbs

With a short biscuit like texture and flaky appearance, Cracker can be included in breaders to impart crunchiness and bite.

Specialty Crumbs

From the home-style appearance of traditional crumb to the unique eating quality of Japanese Style Breadcrumb, NWFAP can assist with all your breadcrumb needs. In addition to our extensive range of dry crumbs and crumb blends, we also offer Panko in either fresh or frozen form.

Gluten Free Crumbs

To meet market demands, a gluten free crumb has been recently developed for use in combination with our gluten free batter system. Manufactured (in Australia) under strictly controlled conditions on dedicated equipment, this extruded crumb delivers a short crisp eating texture typical of standard breadcrumbs.