Batters & Breaders

Baiada - breaded chicken with citrus  aioli

Batters & Breaders
Applied in a dry form, breadings combine crumb technology with flours and functional ingredients to provide an unlimited range of product coatings.

Predust and Milkwash
Important precursors to the batter application that further influence the successful adhesion of subsequent coating components.

All Purpose Batters
Traditional batters with high processing tolerances that have various applications across many products.

Adhesion Batters
Adhesion is critical in a reliable coating system, ensuring outer coatings are well adhered to the product during processing, distribution and reheating.

Tempura Batters
Characterized by a puffy appearance, tempura batters have a very light, crispy texture, giving a delicate eating quality most suitable for seafood and high value products.

Traditional Japanese coatings that are used to lightly dust marinated chicken and meat products prior to deep-frying.

Fritter Mixes
Thick batters that produce a crisp outer shell and almost cake-like interface. Commonly used on corn dogs and hush puppy style products.

Ovenable Systems
With continued consumer demand for low fat options, these batters are specially formulated to allow reheating in the oven instead of the deep fryer.

Customized blends based primarily on wheat flour. Texture can be altered with the addition of crumb or cracker to the blend. Addition of herbs, spices or other particulates gives variation to flavour, colour and appearance.

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